• 学校社工帮助学生:

    • 实现 maximum benefit from their educational opportunities,
    • 了解自己和他人,
    • 应对压力,
    • 培养决策能力.
  • 学校社工帮助家长:

    • Participate effectively in their children’s education,
    • Understand and meet their children’s social and emotional needs,
    • Understand programs available to students with special needs,
    • 有效利用学校和社区资源.
  • 学校社工帮助学校:

    • Understand factors (cultural, societal, economic, familial, health, etc.)影响学生,
    • Abilities to make maximum use of their school experience.
    • Utilize their resources in meeting the educational, social, and emotional needs of students,
    • 促进安全的学校环境.


  • Address the social and emotional needs of all students in ways that improve outcomes inside and outside of school.
  • Help students manage crises, problem-solve and develop coping strategies.
  • 与学生服务部合作, faculty and administration to provide extra support for students who may need it.
  • Provide therapeutic and skill-based counseling services to students individually and in support groups.
  • Reduce family stress by working with parents and guardians to help students navigate the demands of high school.
  • Coordinate school work and provide a continuum of care when students are out with extended absences by acting as liaisons between Fenwick and outside facilities (when applicable). 随着学生们回到esball世博, we join forces with school counselors to continue providing academic and social-emotional support.
  • Practice with confidentiality, disclosing necessary information upon student and parent request. We abide by The National Association of 社会工作ers Code of Ethics and may break student confidentiality only in cases w在这里 the student is involved in self-harm or harm to others, if someone else is causing harm to the student or when other safety concerns arise.



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Support4U 匿名短信是给学生的吗. 现在它可以作为一个应用程序供你使用! 点击 在这里,然后点击 esball世博盾. A text message will open up for you to text with a licensed mental health professional. 记住, Support4U 是完全匿名的. Feel free to text about any kind of concern that you may be facing.  它是可用的 24/7/365.  Download this app so you'll have it this summer for you or a friend! 如果你愿意,可以发短信 修道士 to: 844-670-5838. 父母, 点击这里 以了解有关此资源的更多信息.


中心 is a closed-loop referral database that helps connect community members to the behavioral health and other social services that they need.
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